Dream of: 10 August 2005 "Cross Country Flight"

I was flying through the air, across the country, looking down at the picturesque countryside below. I flew about 10 meters above the earth, over top of a high hill or mountain. As I approached the crest of the mountain, I could see that if I continued flying straight, as the mountain side fell off below me, I would be perhaps 100 meters high. Somewhat daunted by the height, I decided to fly down along the slope of the mountain, staying about 10 meters above the earth.

Up ahead of me in the valley below I could see a town which I was approaching. I soon reached a park on the outskirts of town where two boys were flying a kite. I flew in close to the kite, thinking I had never flown next to a kite like this. I felt exhilarated being close to the kite, high in the air. I just needed to be careful not to get tangled up in the kite's string. I wondered what the boys thought about my being up here flying close to the kite. I liked it.

I continued on past the park, into the town, until I saw an area which looked interesting, and I slowly descended until I landed in the street where people were milling about. I quickly discovered that the section of the town which I wanted to enter was blocked off and that I would need to pay an entrance fee to go there. A woman was sitting in a booth selling tickets. I walked up to the booth and asked the woman how much the tickets costs. She said they were $5 on Mondays and Wednesdays, and $6 on other days. I knew today was one of the other days and I didn't want to pay $6 to go into that section of town.

Another woman standing inside the booth showed me a cup which had something in it which looked like a strawberry milkshake. She said I would also receive a cup of the drink when I paid for my ticket. But I wasn't interested and I stepped away from the booth.

I knew I could have simply flown into the other area if I had wanted. But I didn't want to break any rules right now. I could just take off flying again now and leave if I wanted. But flying was tiring and I wasn't quite ready to take off again yet.

I continued standing in front of the entrance. Several policemen were in the area. I thought how some people would pay to get in the other section of town just so they would be considered a better class of people -- the poorer people couldn't afford to get in.

Two young fellows (only about 15 years old) passed very close to me. I immediately suspected they were trying to pickpocket me. I reached back to my rear pocket to button the pocket. But two more young fellows suddenly bumped into me and pushed me over to the side. I hollered out, "Police! Police!"

Even though the police were nearby, they didn't hear me. I knew I was strong enough to handle these two punks, but I wanted the police to take care of the situation. The police, however, didn't seem to hear me.

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