Dream of: 08 August 2005 "Nate Pepard"

I was involved with some kind of program whereby I was going to temporarily stay with a family in a little cottage in Portsmouth, somewhere near Gallia Street on the east end of town. The room was paid for, but I had to buy my own food. When I arrived, I walked into the cozy living room. A boy (about 16 years old) was sweeping the carpeted floor with a little sweeper. I had the feeling the house had been quite dirty and the family was trying to clean it up in preparation for my stay. Brown leaves were scattered about the room. When I noticed that his sweeper didn't seem to be working well, I asked him if he would like to use my sweeper and he said he would.

Among my things I had brought a big red sweeper. I pulled out the sweeper, plugged it in, turned it on, and began sweeping the floor. The sweeper quickly picked up the debris on the carpet. The room looked so much better after I had swept a while. As I swept, the boy continued working, cleaning up the room. He was doing a good job. I finally asked him what his name was and he replied, "Nate Pepard."

I told him I would try to remember his name, but that I had a terrible memory for names. I did remember that the Pepard family lived in this house.

The mother finally came home. She sat down in the living room and began directing the cleaning activity. She pointed out some brown stains on the white ceiling which she wanted us to clean off. I used a broom to brush the stains, but some of the white paint also crumbled off, and I said the flakes were going to get all over the carpet again. Nevertheless, I continued sweeping the ceiling because the stains looked so bad. I also noticed the ceiling also seemed to be sagging in places.

I used my broom to brush off one of the dusty end tables. But I didn't want to get started dusting, so I didn't continue.

I recalled that I also owned some houses in Portsmouth. Since my houses also needed work, I thought I might be able to hire Nate to help me. The grass needed cut -- it was spring and the grass was already high. And other work needed to be done. I asked Nate if he had ever done any work for anyone, and he said he had. I thought I would only have to pay him minimum wage since he was so young. I knew this family would be surprised to learn that I owned houses in Portsmouth since I still needed a place to stay. But I didn't intend to live in the houses I owned; I was merely fixing them up for resale.

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