Dream of: 07 August 2005 "Evil Creature"

I was with three other students (we were all in our late teens) and a female teacher. We had been assigned a project of gathering together four different pieces for a scientific device and then delivering the pieces to someone. We had traveled in a car from town to town and with difficulty we had already obtained three of the pieces. None of us were sure what the assembled device would be.

We went to a city named Wilmington to look for the last piece. I couldn't remember where Wilmington was. I thought it was in Delaware, but finally I realized we were in Colorado. I was impressed with the huge red stone buildings in the city.

However, I began to have serious doubts about what we were doing. I began to worry that we were doing something evil. I wondered if the final device would turn out to be something bad. I even began having  a vision of the people to whom we would deliver the pieces: the movie directors Steven Spielberg and Bernardo Bertolucci. In my vision, I began to see what they were going to build. In my vision, I saw several dinosaurs which looked evil, and I realized the men were going to build a powerful living evil creature out of the pieces which we would deliver to them. My vision made me have serious doubts about whether we should continue with our assignment.

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