Dream of: 05 August 2005 "Libel Suit"

As I was sitting in my law office, I heard some commotion in the next room. I stood to go to the door, which was barely open, when a tall thin  Hispanic black-haired man (about 40 years old) stepped in. He was holding a paper which he thrust at my chest. I grabbed the paper as he said, "You've been served."

I looked at the paper, immediately realizing it was a petition for a law suit: I had been sued. As the man turned to leave, I blurted, "Wait a minute."

I quickly glanced at the petition and saw that it was a "libel" suit against me for a dream which I had written. The dream had involved a man who owned a grocery store. The man was apparently claiming that in the dream I had libeled the grocery store. The dream itself was not attached to the petition. I ran my eyes to the bottom of the page, and saw that the petition was signed by Turin (a Dallas attorney). I had mixed feelings when I saw Turin's name, because I knew I was on friendly terms with him. I thought I might be able to talk with him about the law suit.

The law suit itself, however, did not really disturb me. I knew I had printed hundreds of different dreams on paper and passed them out in the community. But I wanted to know more about this particular dream which was at the basis of this law suit, because I couldn't remember it. I asked the man (who was still waiting) what exactly I had said which was bad about the store. He didn't seem to know.

I had been half-way expecting something like this and I had lately been giving the law of libel some thought. I knew several elements must be met to successfully maintain a libel action. First, I would have had to said something "bad" about the store. The man in front of me didn't seem to know what I had said, and I was uncertain I indeed had said anything bad about the store. I just couldn't remember. I had published so many dreams as I had written them, I simply didn't know what I had said.

The man pulled out a picture of a woman. The picture was dark, but I could tell the woman was pregnant. The man said she had been pregnant at the time she had read the dream, and the dream had bothered her. I thought to myself that what he was saying was completely irrelevant.

I wasn't particularly concerned. I had been anticipating someone would file a law suit against me. I figured I would simply answer the petition and go to court. I knew a libel case would be extremely difficult for someone to prove. And then the person would have to prove damages, which likewise would be very difficult to prove. I was actually looking forward to learning as much as I could about this particular area of the law. I felt I would be competent to handle the case, because I had been anticipating such a case and I would be prepared for it. In many ways, I was already prepared for it.

As far as Turin being the attorney for the other side, I knew he was a general practitioner. He would know a little about the law of libel, but not as much as I. I noticed Turin had written right at the end of the petition the words, "Call me." Apparently he wanted me to call him and discuss the matter. But I wasn't sure I would call him. I might simply file my answer and handle the matter in court, without actually talking with Turin before going to trial. I would have to think about that some more before I decided whether to call.

I did, however, remember I had also had some dreams of Turin. I wondered if he were aware of those dreams. Surely he must be. Apparently, though, he wasn't concerned about any dreams which I had had of him; he was simply taking on this client as a matter of course. Apparently he had nothing personal against me; he was just representing his client.

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