Dream of: 31 July 2005 "Shoe Shop"

Carolina and three other people were with me in Portsmouth. We needed somewhere to stay and we were thinking of renting a place. But I began thinking about a couple houses which I owned in Portsmouth. One was a huge two-story frame on 11th Street. I had planned to either rent or sell the houses, but  now I thought perhaps we could stay in the 11th Street house, instead of looking for another house to rent.

Carolina and I went to the large 11th Street house to look it over. We walked through the gigantic house, which had obviously been a mansion at one time. The upstairs rooms were enormous. The house had deteriorated over the years and needed quite a bit of work, but I thought we could work on the house and live in it at the same time. I could charge the other three people a little rent, but I wouldn't charge them much because I knew them and they were somehow connected with me. 


I was with my father (about 60 years old) in a car which he was driving. We hadn't talked in a long time and he wasn't friendly. He said he would like to have "those houses  for $61,150." He was talking about the two houses which I owned. I didn't know how he had arrived at the figure, but it sounded decent to me. I figured it was more than I would have otherwise been able to get out of them. I asked him if that was an offer, and he said it was.

He stopped the car near 11th Street. He also owned another house on 11th Street which I knew he had owned for a while. Apparently he was going to let me off here and I would have to walk the rest of the way to where I needed to go. We both got out of the car. I could see the house he owned, sitting on the corner, a rather diminutive two-story. The house abutted right on the sidewalk.

He walked inside, but I didn't go in. I didn't know whether he lived in the house, but I saw a sign on the window which indicated that the house was a "shoe shop." I stood outside and looked in through the window. Some people were waiting inside. My father walked over to a corner in the front room, sat down at a machine and began working, apparently making shoes. He was using the machine to sew stitches into a shoe.

He looked as if he had found something which he had wanted to do for a long time, something to keep him busy. The work didn't look interesting to me, but apparently that was what he wanted to do. He didn't look happy, but at least he appeared concentrated.

I turned away and walked on. I again began thinking about selling the houses. Ostensibly it seemed as if my father wanted to buy the houses from me so I would leave town and I wouldn't have any reason to return. Then we wouldn't ever have to see each other again. But, I reflected that my father didn't do anything to help anybody. He always had some angle in mind. So I wondered if my father knew something about my houses which I didn't know. Perhaps someone planned a development in that area. The houses might be worth twice the amount my father was offering me. He was probably just trying to get them cheap. Although I had originally thought the price sounded good, I now had second thoughts, because I knew my father was always trying to take advantage of people. So he must be trying to get the houses cheap and resale them at a much higher price.

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