Dream of: 30 July 2005 "Waltzing"

While I was sitting on a park bench, a man walked up, sat down beside me, and started drawing a picture on a piece of paper. When he was finished, he held the paper up and moved it back and forth in front of me. I was astounded by what I saw. He had drawn a cartoon-like scene which showed some people standing in front of a background. Incredibly, as he moved the paper, the background image would change right before my eyes, so the images of the people appeared to be moving. I pointed out the moving background and I asked the man how he was able to do that. But he didn't understand what I meant. He continued moving the paper and the image in the background continued to change. The picture seemed just like real life, with the images in front seeming to move as the background changed.

I finally explained to the man what I was seeing, and he was astounded by what I said. He indicated that he had heard of people like me, and that this ability to see the changing background as if it were reality was a special power which I had. He himself looked at the drawing, but he couldn't see the changing background.

As we talked, I noticed that the area in front of us actually looked like the background which was on the paper. I looked back and forth at the paper, and the vista in front of me, comparing the two. They seemed identical. Several people were also standing in front of us, just as on the paper, and I pointed them out to the man who had made the drawing.

I could also hear music playing, and I noticed that the people in front of us seemed to be dancing. I felt as if I also wanted to dance, but I didn't have anyone with which to dance. The music was so enthralling, however, I felt as if I simply must stand up and dance. I even thought of asking the fellow sitting with me to dance, but I decided that would appear too odd. Nevertheless, I wanted to dance so badly, I asked him and we both stood up.

Just as I stood up, however, a beautiful woman stepped up to me. She seemed like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. I took her in my arms and began dancing with her. We began dancing a waltz. But instead of three steps, we were dancing a more complicated waltz with six steps. I knew the steps, and as I led, the woman followed. We slowly danced around the area in front of the bench. The experience was extremely enjoyable.

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