Dream of: 21 July 2005 "Russian Bombs"

My wife Carolina and I had traveled to Russia and had arrived in a large Russian city, where we intended to find some people who could supply us with bombs. We had five targets in mind which we wanted to blow up. Our plans however were hazy. It was unclear whether Carolina and I would plant the bombs or whether we would hire Russians to plant the bombs.

Our methodology was also lacking. We had little pieces of paper on which we had written the addresses of our targets. Under the addresses we began adding more information as we accumulated it. The information was very incriminating and if we were caught, the pieces of paper could easily be used against us.

Our search for people to help us led us through streets and stores. We talked with many people with little concern about being detected. Gradually I became concerned that we might be caught. I thought of destroying the pieces of paper with the information and I deliberated at length on how to do so. We might tear the papers into little pieces and scatter them, but I worried the pieces might be recovered and put back together. We might burn the papers, but I worried that the smell of the smoke would arouse suspicions. We might eat the papers, but I was uncertain I would be able to swallow the paper.

I also became suspicious of one man with whom we had spoken. He was about 40 years old, tall, and thin. He seemed to be following us as we continued walking through stores and streets. As we tried to elude him, Carolina and I became separated and I found myself alone. Now I really began to worry. How stupid we had been! We had come here with almost no preparation with a hair-brained scheme. Now we would probably be captured and tortured. I had almost no money left -- perhaps $5. I didn't even know what I was going to eat. I had seen some potatoes in one of the stores and I thought I might buy some raw potatoes to eat. All I really wanted was to find Carolina and get out of here. Unfortunately, leaving here safely seemed less and less likely.

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