Dream of: 11 July 2005 "Mythological Superman"

base personal mythology on the truth

After stumbling upon some shelves filled with books, I concentrated on three books sitting together on one shelf. I picked up the first book, opened it, began reading, and discovered that the first book was an introductory book for the other two books. The subject matter was mythology, but real events were supposed to be depicted. Enthralled by what I was reading, I read quite a bit, marveling at the thick imagery. Unfortunately, however, when I finished reading, there was so much, I couldn't remember what I had read. I did remember, however, that Superman and Lois Lane had somehow fit into the scheme.

I placed the book back on the shelf. The second book of the three was the Koran. The third book was a continuation and was entitled The New Gods. I knew the Koran somehow fit into this scheme, but I couldn't quite figure out how, and I wanted to read The New Gods next, which I knew it would be the most fabulous of all. I was excited about the prospect of reading The New Gods, but at the same time I was disappointed because I hadn't been able to retain what I had been reading in the first volume.

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