Dream of: 10 July 2005 "Fallen Church"

have faith in your art

when your spiritual beliefs

lie crumbled and dead

I was in the basement of a small house when I realized a tornado was approaching. I hollered out to my mother, who was upstairs, even though I knew it was too late for her, because the tornado was already on top of us. I was worried about her safety, but I could not ascend to her - the force of the wind would not have allowed me to climb up the stairs. 

Fortunately, the tornado passed without hitting the house. I quickly climbed upstairs, found my mother, and brought her back down to the basement. I felt a bit deflated - the tornado had been so exciting. When all seemed safe, I went back upstairs and walked outside. The house was located in a metropolitan area, and off in the distance, I could see another gigantic swirling tornado coming right toward us. I watched a red brick building, five or six stories tall, topple to the ground. Only after the building had fallen did I realize it had been a church.

With the tornado bearing down on us, I turned to go back into the house. I had ventured out a little too far, and I was now worried that I could not reach the house before the tornado hit. And the tornado was so big, I did not even know if we would be safe in the basement. If the tornado hit the house, the house might collapse on top of us and kill us. At least the basement was the safest place right now. I wanted to get back to the basement and tell my mother how the big red church had been knocked over by the tornado. I was so amazed that the church had fallen.

Commentary of 04 March 2017

The imagery here is of the tornado (lust) toppling the church. In this case I believe the church represents "hope for eternal life." Lust is so strong that it can even destroy the hope of eternal life.

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