Dream of: 09 July 2005 "Sinn Singer"

I was in an office in tall office building where I worked. I was thinking about something which I needed to tend to. I had written notes on quite a few different dreams and I had left those notes scattered around in different places. I needed to gather together all the notes, because they contained details about the dreams which I might forget.

One set of notes was in a library area on a lower floor of this building. Since a fire had occurred in a lower area of the building, I was especially concerned about these notes -- I hoped they hadn't been destroyed by the fire.

A man (about 60 years old) who looked exactly like my old law school professor, McSwain, worked in this same office as I. I wanted him to accompany me to the library so I could retrieve my notes. He agreed and the two of us headed down the stairwell. The stairwell was very dark, and I feared we were not allowed to be there, especially since the fire had occurred. I figured, however, when we reached the library area, I would tell anyone there who we were, and I would point out that the man with me (the man who looked like McSwain) was a professor of philosophy, which he was. I would also note that I was a professor of literature, up there on the higher floor. So hopefully, no one would give us any trouble.

We found the library and to my surprise, it wasn't burned out at all. Books were stacked all around. I began searching and soon found the single piece of white paper which contained the notes of my dream. I immediately saw that the notes contained much important material, especially about 20 different dates which had been important in the dream, as well as in another dream. I also noted that in the dream I had had a different name: "Sinn Singer."  It seemed peculiar that my name would have been "Sinn Singer."

Having secured the notes, the man who looked like McSwain and I walked out of the library and left the building. We now headed to the next location where I intended to pick up the next set of dream notes. We boarded a car which I was driving. As we headed down the highway, I had much difficulty driving, and I almost ran off the road. I then almost ran into a big truck. I thought to myself that I just hated to drive, especially on the highway. But I needed to pick up the dream notes, so I just had to continue on.

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