Dream of: 05 July 2005 "Nuclear War"

I was in a room with a portly man (probably in his mid 40s) dressed in a suit. I began talking with him about the stock market. I told him I had changed my focus in the stock market to different countries, and that I was now involved in buying and selling different currencies, instead of stocks.

In front of us was a big digital board listing various countries and beside the countries were different prices which represented the price of the currencies in those countries. I told the man how I had long thought the countries with the most valuable currencies were countries which avoided going to war. He said, "But then it turned out to be just the opposite."

I agreed. I had finally learned that the countries with the most valuable currencies were precisely those countries which went to war. I had decided I needed to focus on some other factor, rather than war, to help me determine the value of a country's currency. My thesis on war and currency just wasn't panning out. The man agreed and he told me a person needed to put more thought into the equation than simply focusing on whether a country went to war.

As the man and I continued talking, we were no longer in the room, but were in a car which which my old high school buddy, Steve Buckner, was driving. The man and I were still talking about stocks. At first I thought I was going to like the man, but then he said something which irritated me. He said all the short-sellers were pissing him off. I immediately concluded that he and I were going to have differences, because I liked short-selling. I thought selling stocks short was a good way to make money off bad companies.

I was about to give the man my opinion, when suddenly bombs began falling all around us. I didn't hear the bombs actually explode, but I could hear the distinctive whizzing sound a bomb makes as it falls to the earth. We had been expecting that a nuclear war would break out, and I immediately concluded that the war had begun. I looked out the window and saw a big factory complex nearby. A fire had broken out in the factory, but I couldn't tell if the fire was the result of a bomb.

Buckner immediately began driving as fast as he could. He and I had previously made plans for what we would do in the case of an outbreak of war and we had a place where we intended to go: a cave. He raced along, even swerving into the left lane. Someone said we shouldn't look back, lest our eyes be damaged. Nevertheless, I kept glancing back behind us, trying to get an idea of what was going on.

A fire truck passed us going back. I thought it amazing that firefighters would actually be trying to fight against the conflagration.

As Buckner sped along, I realized the other man would have to go to the cave with us. That was not good because Buckner and I had stored food at the cave, but not enough for the three of us. Nevertheless, at this point, I didn't see any choice but to take the man with us.

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