Dream of: 02 July 2005 (2) "Robbing A Bank"

I was with a group of about 10 men, and we were all dressed up as cowboys, as if from a scene from the old West. It was night. We had come to a bank to rob it. We were already inside the bank, looking at the huge safe -- about two meters wide. In a sense we were not robbing the bank, but simply trying to recover something in the safe which belonged to us -- some kind of certificates.

Suddenly we realized a group of perhaps 50 men from the town had shown up outside the bank. They had guns and they far outnumbered us. The men came into the bank and stood on one side of the room, facing us as we stood on the other side. We also had guns which we had pulled. We were younger than the townsmen. One black man was in our group.

Suddenly someone shot and two men in my group fell down dead. The shots had not come from the other side of the room, however, but from a balcony up above us. We saw the men on the balcony and we began shooting at them. One man was hit and fell over the balcony. A rope was tied around his ankle so that when he fell, he remained hanging upside down in the air, dead, swinging back and forth like a pendulum so his head was banging against the wall.

After the shooting, the townsmen withdrew and left us alone with the safe. We began examining the ponderous safe, uncertain how to get inside. Fortunately, one of the men in my group found the combination and began turning the lock. In my mind I could actually see the movement inside the safe of the lock mechanism. The man kept turning the lock, and was almost ready to pull the safe door open.

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