Dream of: 25 June 2005 (2) "Dilapidated House"

Carolina and I were in a two-story frame house which I owned in Portsmouth. I had acquired the house from my mother who used to own it as rental property. The house was quite dilapidated and didn't have much furniture in it. I had originally thought I would sell the house, and that it would subsequently be torn down. But I hadn't sold it yet, so Carolina and I were now in the process of fixing it up. Carolina was in the front room, cleaning and sweeping.

My father (about 60 years old) walked in and snooped around. He and I were not on good terms and we hadn't talked in a long time. Apparently, however, he was thinking of staying in one of the three upstairs bedrooms. He already had a bed up there. I wasn't wild about his being there, but I didn't say anything. He was carrying a few cans of food which he apparently intended to put in the refrigerator. He continued looking around.

I, meanwhile, was examining the floor in the front room. Some paint and old linoleum was on the floor. I picked up some sandpaper and began sanding off some of the paint. I soon discovered an excellent hardwood floor under the paint. Unfortunately the floor had holes in several places, and a board was even missing in one spot across half the room. I tore off some of the old brown linoleum and carried it out back. I returned to the room and continued examining the floor, thinking I might get a sander and sand down the floor.

The house, however, was in such bad shape, I hesitated. Nevertheless, I felt good that Carolina and I were working on the house. I thought we might even end up staying here a while. I might even rent out one of the other bedrooms upstairs for $100 a month, if I could find someone trustworthy. My father already had the middle room, so I would have to rent out the front bedroom. That way my father would walk through the renter's room to get to his, but the renter would not be walking through my father's room.

But to even get this house looking half-way decent was going to require a lot of work. I was somewhat discouraged, but still glad that I was working. 

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