Dream of: 25 June 2005 "New Client"

I was in the courthouse in Parker County, Texas, where I was supposed to meet Cathy because she knew a man who needed a lawyer in a divorce case, and I had decided to represent the man. I hadn't represented anyone in a long time, and I recalled how happy I had been to get rid of all my clients and not be representing anyone anymore. Nevertheless, I had decided I was now going to take on just one client. Since this man needed a lawyer, I would start with him.

Instead of Cathy, Cathy's ex-husband Jon showed up at the courthouse. I began talking to Jon about the case and about the man, whom I still hadn't met. Jon told me the man was a judge from another county south of Parker County. Jon said the man was a special kind of judge called a "server." I didn't know what a "server" was, but I thought if the man was a judge, he should already know quite a bit about the law.

I began thinking of what I would say to the judge about his case when I met him. I would first tell him that I didn't actually have an office, and that I worked out of my house. Hesitant to tell the judge that I didn't have an office, I turned to Jon and asked him if I could use his office address for this one case. Since Jon seemed reluctant to allow me to use his office, I decided I would tell the judge that I used my house as my office and that if he needed to see me, he could come to my house. I normally wouldn't let a legal client come to my house, but since the man was a judge, I would.

I thought about how much I would charge. I figured a normal fee would be about $150 an hour, but I would probably only charge $100 an hour, which still seemed like a lot of money. I figured I would also tell the judge that he would be my only client, and that I would be more focused on his case than most lawyers would be. I might even end up doing more work for him than the divorce. Maybe he would need a will and I would write up his will for him.

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