Dream of: 21 June 2005 "Giving A Talk"

I was standing and talking with several people who at times seemed like old classmates from high school and at times like old classmates from law school. We were all dressed up in formal wear -- I was wearing a suit. I was surprised when an attractive black-haired woman whom I knew stepped up and abruptly told me that president George W. Bush would be giving a talk in a church on Wednesday and that I had been chosen to carry the stick to light the candles. She went on to say that I had been picked because the affair was in a Spanish-speaking church and I could speak Spanish. She wanted to know if I accepted.

Thoughts and emotions swirled in me. I was extremely flattered, yet I couldn't understand why I would be chosen. I was neither religious nor a follower of Bush. What was the motive behind this? Was it possible that these people had been reading my dreams on my website and that they had detected some potential in me? Did they think they could sway me to their religion? Whatever the reason, I didn't care. I accepted.

I walked away from the group, still thinking. My mother would be visiting me on Wednesday. She would be able to come to the church and see me lighting the candles. I would be proud.

As I walked on, I heard singing, and I realized I was already in the church. Today's service had begun. I walked straight up to the front and headed for my seat in the front row. I recognized the song and I began singing along even before I reached my seat. I stood next to a fellow on my right who was also singing. I knew so many of these old church songs by heart, the words easily came back to me. I could hear the voice of the fellow next to me amid all the others. I boomed out, "Oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave, over the land of the free and the home of the brave."

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