Dream of: 11 June 2005 "Going To Church"

I was in Portsmouth, Ohio which seemed much different than usual. I had picked up my mother (probably in her early 70s) in my car to take her to church. Before going to the church, however, we stopped at the home of the minister (a woman about 30 years old), where we intended to change clothes for church.

After my mother and I had entered the minister's house, I realized I hadn't brought the clothes I needed for church. I had brought a pair of brown dress pants, but I hadn't brought my white shirt (I was wearing a wrinkled and dirty blue-stripped shirt) and I hadn't brought any clean socks. I felt like backing out, but I decided to go anyway, and I told my mother I was going to get ready. I first needed to take a shower - we only had 20 more minutes left.

I walked downstairs where I found a large cafeteria-like room filled with people sitting at tables and eating. I sat down at one table next to a fellow on my left and two other fellows sitting across from me. They were all only about 15 years old, and I figured all three were Christians. Out of the blue, I began explaining to them why I didn't regularly attend church. I told them that when most people became Christians, their urge to find out who they were was stultified. I told them I had spent much time trying to figure out who I was. Christians, on the other hand, didn't have to try to find out who they were, because they thought they already had the answer. I tried to explain that Christians actually didn't have any answers. Christians only had mumbo-jumbo which didn't provide the answer as to who they were. I explained that I wasn't a Christian because I wanted to find the answer.

All three fellows seemed interested in what I was saying, even though I could tell that they didn't really understand me.

Since I was still in a big hurry, I stood up and walked out of the room.  I put on what clothes I had. I was thinking that if I went to church, I would probably give $10. There would be an offering at Sunday school and at the regular service. It seemed that every time a person turned around in the church, an offering plate was being passed. I didn't have to give every time the plate was passed, but I would give something.

When I finally went outside to get the car, I walked down to the Ohio River looking for the car. Many people were strolling along the shores. Booths had been set up where food was being sold and the area had a festive atmosphere. I looked at the many faces in the booths and I reflected on how interesting they were. One woman (about 25 years old) was extremely attractive. Another woman (about 19 years old) caught my attention. I thought how she was missing college by working there in one of these booths.

This might be a good place to meet new people, although these probably weren't exactly the kind of people I would like to meet. There were so many people in the world - meeting new people would always be easy.

Instead of getting into the car, I boarded a small boat, the kind of boat which is paddled from the inside with the feet to turn a paddle wheel attached to the rear of the boat. I first moved out across the water, but then rose above the water and began flying in the boat up above the river. I flew over the water for perhaps a couple kilometers. All kinds of boats were in the river below me.

When I realized I had gone too far, I turned around and started flying back. I kept watching the boats and barges. One barge even ran over a small boat right before my eyes. It was almost like watching little toys below me. I was up so high, I was worried I couldn't locate where I had started. All kinds of piers were along the shore, and I couldn't distinguish the right one. Finally I thought I saw the right pier and I headed toward it.

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