Dream of: 09 June 2005 "The Patch With Symbols"

A new device had come out: a patch (similar to a nicotine patch, about six centimeters long by three centimeters wide) which could be sewn onto the arm, and which prevented people from having children. The patch had some orange symbols on it and it cost $50. 

I decided I wanted the patch. I went to the place where I intended to have the patch sewn on and I met with a woman who was a prosecuting attorney. I knew the woman: she and I had once been friends, but we weren't any more, even though we still respected each other. She led me and another person into a back room where the patch would be sewn on.

With me I had a copy of the law which pertained to the patch. As I began reading the law more carefully, I realized the law required certain people to wear the patch. Specifically the patch was being forced on everyone in prison. I noticed a contradiction in the law, which stated that people of the opposite sex were supposed to have the patch. I thought people in prison shouldn't be forced to have the patch, because they were having sex with people of the same sex.

I abruptly decided I didn't like this law. I began arguing with the prosecutor about it and I decided I wasn't going to have the patch as a matter of principle, since it was being forced on some people. I knew if I now refused, the prosecutor could send me to jail, but I told her I wasn't afraid of jail. Besides, I didn't think she would send me to jail, because she knew me. I was uncertain whether she knew I had been in prison before.

I also wanted to know about the symbols on the patch. It had three orange symbols on it. I understood two of the symbols, but I didn't understand the third. That symbol looked like some Arabic letters. I asked the prosecutor what the symbol meant, but she didn't know. She walked away so she could find out.

I felt emotional about the issue. I actually wanted the patch because I didn't want to have children. I decided that since I wanted the patch, even though I didn't agree with what the prosecutor was doing, I would tell her to go ahead and put it on me.

Suddenly, however, I realized I didn't even need the patch: I had already had a vasectomy! What was the point of having a patch if I had had a vasectomy? I couldn't have children anyway. I didn't need the patch after all.

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