Dream of: 05 June 2005 (2) "Messy House"

I was sitting in front of my computer in my office at the Summerdale Drive House. Even though the television was turned on, I could hear voices coming from somewhere in the House. I stood up and walked into the living room and found several  people standing there. They all looked as if they were from India. There was a woman (in her late 30s), another man and woman (also in their late 30s) and a boy (12-13 years old). I looked at them. For a moment I was startled, but then I realized what had happened. I had listed my house for sale and the woman was the realtor who had brought the man and woman and their son to see the house. She had previously told me she intended to come, but I had thought she would call me first before coming. Even though I had listed my house with her, I had never met her in person. I blurted out that I had thought she was going to call first. She didn't respond. I was concerned because the house was rather messy. It was clean, but stuff was piled around because I was getting ready to move. I had put things in boxes and I hadn't straightened things up. So I was concerned that so much stuff was sitting around.

I walked into the main bedroom and I opened the door to the walk-in closet which was filled with stuff. As I started putting stuff in a box, the others walked into the bedroom, walked around and talked with me. I couldn't tell for sure whether they liked the House. Finally the realtor pulled me to the side and told me that when she had driven up to the house she had been concerned because the bushes out front needed trimmed. I told her I was aware that I needed to trim the bushes. I also needed to trim around the sidewalks. I needed to get things looking sharp, because I knew the house was worth quite a bit of money and I wanted to get it looking as good as I could.

She also asked me if I was aware that one of my neighbors was growing marijuana. I wanted her to tell me which neighbor, but she couldn't really say because she had lost her bearings here in the house and she didn't know which direction the neighbor was in.

We walked out back and she pointed to the neighbor's on the east side of my House. I hadn't been aware the neighbor was growing marijuana. She said there were about four marijuana plants over there. I began thinking that if I wanted some marijuana, I could go next door and cut down one of the plants. I could dry out the plant in my attic. But I decided I wouldn't want to simply take someone's marijuana. Instead, someday I might simply go over and ask the fellow if he had some. If he told me he didn't have any, I might mention that I was aware that he was growing it in his back yard. I might explain that I didn't know where to buy marijuana, because I never bought any. So maybe he could give me some.

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