Dream of: 04 June 2005 "Zu Teufel Gehen"

I had recently killed someone and buried the body in a shallow grave in a vacant area behind a school. Another person had helped me and the two of us had buried the body together.

Now I was sitting in a restaurant with my brother (about 15 years old) who vaguely resembled my brother Adolph (if Adolph had lived to be 15). My brother suspected that I had killed the person. Sitting across the table from me, he pulled out a couple papers of mine that he had found. On the papers I had made some notes which my brother seemed to think was evidence that I had committed the murder. He also suspected that I had buried the body somewhere, but he didn't know where. He was trying to solve the mystery so he could turn me in and have me locked up in jail.

I looked over the papers and quickly concluded that they held nothing incriminating. The middle section of one paper had been torn out, and I thought that part might have contained some evidence which I had ripped out and thrown away. I did however see a number which I thought might have some significance. I also saw some writing in German on the paper: "Zu Teufel gehen." I knew these words meant "to go to the devil." I thought those words might somehow be interpreted as indicating that I had killed the person and subsequently worried about going to the devil because of my deed.

My brother began to concern me because if he kept looking into this matter, he might uncover something. Suddenly, I reached out and grabbed my brother by the throat. I just wanted to warn him. As I held him, I noticed he had some kind of little lumpy flakes on his skin on his throat. I pulled my hand away and mentioned the abnormality. He seemed aware of the problem.

I didn't bother him anymore, but I wished I could somehow stop any further investigation. I started thinking that he might try to put himself in my position and he might begin contemplating where he would bury a body if he were I. Since the location wasn't far from where we lived, he might be able to figure it out. I thought perhaps I should dig up the body and take it somewhere else. But the body had been there so long, it would already be rotting. I would have to put it in a plastic bag and try to transport it. That would be difficult. Instead, I would probably simply wait for the body to be uncovered and I would hope I wouldn't be connected to it. I just wished my brother wasn't trying to catch me up in this. I wished he would give up on the search. But he seemed determined to try to find the body. 

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