Dream of: 03 June 2005 "Under Stress"

I was in a room with perhaps 20-30 people, including many relatives. My father (about 60 years old) was sitting on my left in a chair and I was sitting facing him looking at his profile. He was obese but healthy. He had laid his right arm on my legs, but he wasn't talking to me.

I wanted to get something straight with all these people: I wanted to explain why I had left Ohio. I first wanted to make clear that my father had been under a lot of stress. In my mind I had four or five reasons for his stress which I began explaining. I said that within the last year his mother (my grandmother Mabel) had died, and then his great-grandson had died. I couldn't think of the other reasons for my father's stress, but it seemed as if he had suffered some calamities. I thought his house on the "Indian Tree" property (land he had bought close to the Gallia County Farm) had burned down (but I discounted that because he had collected insurance). I also thought maybe there had been a brush fire on the Farm (but that would have been minor).

My point, however, was that my father was under a great deal of stress, and while he had been under this stress, he had tried to take over my life. He had insisted that I leave Carolina, that I move to the Farm, and that I begin practicing law. I turned to him and asked if that was true. In front of everyone, he admitted that what I had said was true.

I continued to explain that because I hadn't allowed him to control my life, he had become angry, and I had left.

I looked around the room. My mother's sister-in-law Jesse (only about 40 years old) was sitting in front of us and listening with several other relatives. On the other side of the room a very attractive woman (about 25 years old) was lying on a couch. I didn't know her but apparently she lived close to the Farm. She began talking. I couldn't understand what she was saying, but it sounded as if she were saying she would have liked to have visited me on the Farm.

A radio was playing and I asked the fellow playing it to turn if off. He turned it down, but I still couldn't hear well. The attractive woman continued talking and she said something about "guinea dogs." I had no idea what she meant, but I liked her looks and I wished I had met her before while I had still been staying on the Farm.

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