Dream of: 02 June 2005 "Uncorrupted"

I was involved in a mentoring project with an Hispanic boy (about 12 years old) who had no parents. As part of the project, the boy and I had gone on a trip to Florida, to an area inhabited mostly by Spanish speakers, to a building where I was supposed to meet with some officials in a child welfare organization. When I walked into the room where the people were gathered, I found them sitting around table. In particular, I was supposed to meet with one person, an Hispanic woman who was seated at the table.

The woman immediately began questioning me. She wanted to know where I had gone to school, and I replied that the last school I had attended had been Baylor Law School. She said she had heard that I wanted to attend a law school here in Florida. I told her I doubted I would do that.

She stood up and walked toward me, and we walked out of the building. All the while, I was pulling a little white animal (only about 15 centimeters long) on a leash. The animal resembled a dog, but it wasn't actually a dog. In some ways, the little animal seemed like the boy.

By the time we were outside the woman looked like a portly man (about 50 years old). We sat down and began talking. I didn't care much for him. He leaned so close to me, our lips were actually touching. His top lip rested on my bottom lip for an instant. I was disgusted. There was nothing sexual, but I didn't like it, and I felt he was much too close to me.

He wanted to know why I was interested in the boy. I told him I was interested because the boy seemed "uncorrupted." The boy had never had the chance to become corrupted and I thought I might be able to help put the boy on the right path. I wanted to help the boy, but I wasn't sure I would be able to. I wanted to talk with these people to determine exactly what I could do to help the boy.

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