Dream of: 26 May 2005 "Bag Of Worms"

While in the Summerdale Drive House, I looked out back, and saw Sue Blessing (a woman who mowed the fields on the Gallia County Farm for my father) cutting the grass in the back yard. She looked about 40 years old. The grass had been nice and green, but she had set the lawnmower down too low, and the area which she had cut now looked brown. She had only cut a couple swaths in back, but unfortunately she had cut the entire front yard and left it brown.

I walked out back and told her to stop. Once she had stopped, I checked the height-setting on the lawnmower's wheels and raised them a couple notches. I told Sue the cutting would now be much easier. She seemed to realize she had been cutting too low, and when she started cutting again, the lawnmower was obviously much easier to push and the grass now looked green where cut.

Sue's son, Golder Blessing, (about 12 years old) was also in the back yard.

A lot of stuff which I had carried out of the garage was sitting pilled up in the driveway. I was thinking of getting rid of some of the stuff. I picked up a little plastic bag which contained some rubber worms (each about 15 centimeters long) used for fishing.  I pulled the worms out of the bag; they were purple, black, and dark maroon. I held them in my hand and asked Golder if he wanted them. I tossed the worms to him, but he missed and they fell to the ground. I walked over to the worms, picked them up and handed them to Golder. He acted as if he wanted the worms, but as he held them in his hand, he poured a little gasoline on them. I told him not to do that, that the gasoline would ruin the worms. But then I stepped back and thought I would just let him do whatever he wanted with the worms -- after all, I had given them to him.

I thought to myself that my father used to be like that: he would give me something and say it was mine, but then he would want to tell me how to use the thing. I didn't want to be like that.

I continued cleaning. An old red Volkswagen was sitting in the driveway. I started cleaning stuff out of the back of the Volkswagen. I found an old bag of cheese curls and some other stuff on the back floorboard. It was pretty messy. Obviously I needed to clean up a lot of stuff today. But at least I was making progress.

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