Dream of: 22 May 2005 (2)"Coping With Concupiscence"

I was watching a beauty contest being held inside a house, mostly in the garage area. Only six contestants remained, and three of those would be eliminated in the next round. All six were walking around in their one-piece swimsuits for the swimsuit competition. All were extraordinarily beautiful. Two were blonde (one blonde was perhaps 30 years old, older than the others) and two had brown skin. I didn't see any of the judges -- I seemed to be the only one watching the women.

As I was sitting, one superlative beauty (who seemed oriental) lay down next to me. I couldn't see clearly, but she appeared to be completely naked. I thought of reaching out and touching her, but she seemed young (perhaps 15 years old), so I knew I couldn't touch her. I just sat quietly next to her.

I had an extremely strong erection throughout the entire competition and I was dying to touch one of the women, but I restrained myself. Finally, at the very end of the competition, all six women were dressed in normal everyday (albeit fancy) clothes. The women didn't look quite as stunning in the clothes.

The final results were announced. I had already picked the three I thought best, but only one of the three I had picked was chosen for the final three: one of the blondes, who came in first place. The other blonde (the one about 30 years old) was also chosen (but I hadn't chose her). I was surprised that only one of the women I had chosen had been picked for the final three.

When the blonde who came in first place walked by me in her everyday clothes, I said, "You look almost normal."

All the others were also walking around, but I didn't say anything else to them. With my enormous erection, I simply continued to watch, barely able to cope with my concupiscence. 

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