Dream of: 22 May 2005 "Intent To Kill"

I was at a party where people were beginning to arrive. One of my old high school classmates, Duff (probably in his mid 30s), walked in and sat down next to me and we started talking. He didn't look as I remembered him -- he was now thin and strong. A certain bitterness infected his tone as he spoke about someone whom he said he intended to kill someday. I recalled that once long ago he had told me about his intention, but I had forgotten about it.

As he elaborated, we both stood up and Duff took off his shirt and showed me a long scar (like a burn) on the back of one of his arms. He said the man he intended to kill had given him this scar. He then showed me a hole in his back (near his shoulder) which went all the way through his body. Burned flesh hung around the edges of the scar: a gruesome sight. I began to understand why Duff harbored such bitter rancor toward the man.

We both sat back down. I commiserated with Duff, but I thought he was unwise to tell anyone else he intended to kill someone. I falteringly told Duff I would like him to do one thing: not tell anyone else about his intention. He acted as if it didn't matter if others knew, as if no one would be able to catch him anyway. He seemed to think many people threatened to kill someone. I told him I didn't think so, but abruptly I recalled that just the previous day, I had been talking with Birdie, and she had told me she was going to kill someone. And about a week ago, someone else had told me he was going to kill someone. So obviously, people commonly said they were going to kill someone. However, it struck me as peculiar that both Birdie and the other person who had threatened to kill someone had both been friends of Duff's. It was strange that Duff and people he knew were thinking of killing someone.

Duff said the man he intended to kill was now a professor at a small college in another town. My thoughts skittered along as I thought perhaps some of the professor's students also had motives to kill him. I told Duff that if he was firmly decided to kill the professor, he now needed to decide how. I first thought Duff might simply shoot the man from long-range with a telescoped rifle. The drawback would be that Duff might only have one shot, and if he missed, he might not have a second chance. So other methods needed to be examined. 

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