Dream of: 21 May 2005 "Teachings About Life"

My wife Carolina and I were in a European city, probably Paris. We were in a house, in a room where about a dozen people were all sitting on the floor. They were waiting for a teacher, a man who apparently was going to teach about life. As we waited, a thin wry woman (about 30 years old) walked into the room. She wanted Carolina and me to stand on our heads. We did so. I put my hands behind my head, clasped them together and pushed myself up. Carolina also stood on her head. The woman kept us standing on our heads for quite a while and I started slipping down so I was half on my head and half on my shoulder. The woman noticed my slouch and told me to straighten up. I let myself down, then pushed myself back up so this time my back was against the wall and I was standing on my head very straight.

Suddenly the teacher (about 80 years old), accompanied by a second man (around 60 years old) walked in. While I was still on my head, the teacher introduced me to the second man by calling me "Steve." I came down off my head and I stood to shake the teacher's hand.

I didn't know how to shake -- with a regular handshake or with our thumbs clasping. I was also incommoded by my little finger sticking straight down making the handshake difficult. Finally, however, we managed to shake hands.

When the teacher began talking to other people, I turned my attention to Carolina, who had also lowered herself from her headstand. She and I had planned to leave soon and return to the United States. But now I wanted to stay here and try to learn something from this teacher. Just meeting him had impressed me. But I didn't think Carolina would stay and I thought we would split up for a while so I could stay here and she could return to the United States. I spoke to Carolina and told her that at least I hadn't spent any of her money, because we had kept our money separate (I had my own savings to use, because she was working right now and I wasn't), and she didn't have any reason to complain about my staying and spending money. I would have liked for her to stay, but if she had to return, then so be it. I really wanted to stay to see what I could learn about life from this man.

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