Dream of: 19 May 2005 (2) "The Hanging Book"

My father and my mother (each about 40 years old) were sitting on my right in a pew in a church where I didn't want to be. Although I had brought five or six video tapes with me, I clearly wasn't going to be able to watch them now. My father and mother began scooting away from me down the pew until they scooted out of the pew and sat down at a table. My father signaled me to scoot down and join them. With tears in his eyes, apparently he wanted to talk with me about something. He and I hadn't talked in a long time and I surmised he might want to smooth out our differences.

However, when I also scooted down the pew and sat down at the table, he couldn't bring himself to say anything; he just sat there. I waited for a while until I scooted back to where I had been and I picked up my tapes, as well as a copy of Kafka's The Trial which I had with me. I opened the book, flipped through it, and noticed chapters which I had never seen before, even though I had read the book several times. I thought I should read it again.

With the book in hand, I stood and walked out of the church. As soon as I was outside, I saw some rope hanging  from a pulley high overhead and I managed to attach the book to one end of the rope, while I held onto the other end. Now I was able to pull the rope and thus position the book right in front of my face so I could read it without holding it.

When I opened the hanging book to the introduction, I was surprised to see the text written in French instead of German. I had been ready to start reading in German, but I found the French satisfying and I began reading. Somehow, while I read, I also would pull the book higher, as if the reading and the rising of the book were coordinated. I just hoped the book wouldn't rise so high that I wouldn't be able to see the text.

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