Dream of: 18 May 2005 (2) "Tellement De Plaisir"

About 10 other people and I were doing some work for Donald Trump in his ordinary ranch-style house. Trump wasn't home at first, but then he walked in dressed in a long black coat to his ankles and he spoke with us. Apparently he was trying to decide who to hire to work permanently for him. The others did not seem particularly well-qualified to me. They were doing odd jobs around the house -- cleaning and repairing. Trump spoke to one person about the power of money and how important money was.

I did not have any direct interaction with Trump, and I was watching more than working. Nevertheless I thought he might be interested in hiring me. I ruminated that I was already too old to still make a lot of money in life, but I still thought I might like to work for Trump.

As I was standing to the side and watching, a thin brown-haired woman (around 25 years old) walked over to me and spoke to me in French. She asked me if I could speak French and I answered, "Oui." I proceeded to volubly blabber away in French. The woman listened. She seemed to fancy herself an astute speaker of French, but obviously I could speak as well as she. I rattled away until a second woman walked up and joined in the conversation. I asked the second woman if she spoke "Deutsch" and she replied, "No."

I continued talking in French about languages, mentioning that I could speak, "anglais, espa˝ol, allemand and franšais." I reflected that my language abilities might prove valuable for Trump. He might need someone fluent in other languages sometimes.

The second woman finally walked away and I concentrated on the first. My interest had shifted from language to amour, and I moved ever closer to her until I was holding her and kissing her neck. I proceeded toward her mouth. We were in a corner where no one could see us. I kissed her on the mouth and she permitted my advances. I did not know where this would lead.

I continued talking to her in French, telling her how much I enjoyed speaking French with her. I cooed, "Puisque dans quelques minutes de parler franšais j'ai tellement de plaisir."

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