Dream of: 18 May 2005 "Alligator Attack"

My mother (around 40 years old), my brother Chris (9-10 years old) and I were sitting in front of a deep-blue pond. We could look out over the pond, but we could also look into the side of the pond, like looking into a aquarium. Several alligators were in the pond. They would swim to the surface, gulp the air, then sink back to the bottom. They were fascinating. I asked Chris if he could see them. I wanted him to see and I pulled him around so he could see better.

I thought it strange when I noticed a couple people also swimming in the pond along with the alligators. I concentrated on the people, wondering if they knew the alligators were in the pond, and wondering if the alligators would attack. I thought such an attack would be interesting, albeit disturbing, to witness.

Suddenly one large alligator clamped its jaws on one of the swimmers, a black-haired woman in a one-piece swimming suit. I stood up to see more clearly. The alligator had firmly clamed its jaws around the woman's body. I screamed, "Its got the woman!"

Although the sight was extremely disturbing, I couldn't pull my eyes away.

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