Dream of: 17 May 2005 (2) "Lions, Tigers, And ..."

I was sitting in a classroom with 30-40 other students. The teacher was a woman (in her 40s) who didn't seem to know what she was doing. This was her first day of teaching the class and she was standing in the back, not in the front.

All kinds of wild jungle animals were walking around the front of the classroom. I thought to myself, "Lions, tigers, and ....." I had intended to complete the thought with the word "bears," but I realized I didn't see any bears. Instead, I saw a giant lizard, over a meter long. 

Apprehensive of the animals, I stood and walked back to ask the teacher if she knew about them. When she didn't respond, I returned to my seat and sat back down. Then the teacher walked to the front of the classroom and realized the animals were here. She said if the animals attacked, she would open the front wall. To demonstrate her meaning, she touched something and the front wall opened, sliding overhead like a garage door. 

In front of us, outside the wall, was a forest, with the land slopping downwards away from us. Someone abruptly screamed, "Go!" and the students jumped up and rushed outside and down the hill. I joined in, pushed along down the hillside. I didn't think this was the appropriate time to be doing this, because the animals (which were all around us) hadn't attacked, but I kept going down the hillside anyway. 

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