Dream of: 17 May 2005 "Dream Business"

Carolina was standing in the doorway of the main bedroom of the Summerdale Drive House. She looked alluring, and I wanted to be with her for a while, even though I knew it was already 10 p.m. and she had to rise early in the morning to go to work. When she remained stationed in the doorway and barred my admittance, I bridled and knocked down a broom which clattered to the hallway floor. I stamped back across the hall to my office and sat down at the computer. 

I opened the screen to my email, crowded with new incoming mail. One item immediately caught my attention. The title was "Business," only the word "business" was badly misspelled with three or four incorrect letters. The name of the sender however was clear: Katherine. I hadn't heard from Katherine in ages and with some trepidation I opened the letter. I was hoping she wasn't writing to complain about my publishing on my website dreams in which she had appeared. I figured I would immediately be able to tell whether the letter was friendly or antagonistic. 

As soon as I started reading, I saw the letter was friendly. Now I was happy to hear from her. Katherine began by talking about a long dream she had had. I scanned over the letter without reading it closely. Katherine was using many foreign words, especially French and German. She referred to Germany, then wrote, "Hmmmm.... I'll come back to that later," which made me wonder if she might be living in Germany. She also used words from another language which I thought might be Serbian. I had some problem with the Serbian words, but with some effort I could understand everything else. 

I was surprised by the intelligence of the letter, and I wondered if Katherine had gone on to study languages. I thought if I wrote back to her, I might write in one of the languages she was using, and we might be able to strike up a correspondence in a foreign language. If we ever met in person again, however, I would rather speak in English. Even though I could read and write the languages well, I had trouble speaking them. I wondered if Katherine still lived in Dallas, where she had lived when I had known her. Since I lived so close to Dallas, maybe we could meet some day.

I sensed where Katherine was headed with her intelligent mumbo-jumbo. I knew that in the dreams I had written in which Katherine had appeared, I hadn't been particularly kind to her. I couldn't remember the dreams exactly, but I figured I had probably mentioned having sex with Katherine, because I actually had had sex with her. I also thought I might have mentioned in the dreams that Katherine had been a bit too overweight for my tastes.

Right at the end of the letter, she came to the point. She listed five of my dreams in which she had appeared and which disappointed her. She still wasn't complaining, but she wrote, "How's loose" and then listed three dreams. I immediately knew the words "How's loose" were her shorthand for "How about losing" the three dreams: in other words, she wanted me to delete those three dreams. I thought to myself that she should have written "lose" instead of "loose."

I stood up, walked into the hall and headed for the bedroom. I was going to tell Carolina that I had received a letter from a woman I had been "banging" in law school. When I walked into the bedroom, Carolina was lying in the bed, on her side with the cover pulled up to her neck. I quickly decided not to bring up the subject of the email right then and I didn't say anything about it to Carolina.

I walked over to the big windows which give unto the back yard and I looked outside. The wind was blowing ferociously and the wooden-slat fence along the backyard was bending from the force of the wind. A few slats had even broken off and the fence looked in bad shape, as if it all might fall over. The trees and bushes from the other side were putting additional pressure on the brittle fence. I mentioned to Carolina how badly the wind was blowing. 

Carolina now seemed more responsive, as if she welcomed my staying. But now I was preoccupied about how I would respond to Katherine's letter. I thought I first needed to read the particular dreams which were troubling Katherine. I already knew I wouldn't agree to delete the dreams. And I wouldn't falsify anything in the dreams: my dream writing depended on writing the truth. However, it was possible I could omit something from a dream, such as a person's last name. I would probably write back to Katherine and tell her I could omit her last name, so she couldn't be identified, if that was what she wanted. I would tell her that if I did so, I would have to omit her last name in every dream in which she had appeared, and she would lose her identity on my website. 

I knew that many people read my dreams, and that the response I had received about the dreams had been overwhelmingly positive. If Katherine didn't want to be identified, however, I could comply with her request. First, however, I needed to go back and read the actual dreams to see exactly what the problem was. I would like to respond to Katherine tonight, but it was so late, I probably wouldn't be able to read the dreams and write back until tomorrow.  

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