Dream of: 13 May 2005 (2) "Darth Vader"

I was on a small spaceship which consisted of a big round room only about ten meters in diameter. The ship had been disabled in a battle and was now floating helplessly through space. One other man was on ship -- the pilot (I was just a passenger). We knew we were going to be boarded and the pilot would be captured; I, however, might be able too escape. 

Our enemy was Darth Vader (from the Star Wars movies) and Vader was going to board ship. I thought maybe I could hide and Vader wouldn't find me. I looked out the window in the front of the ship and I saw a bright light like a bright star in the sky. I knew the light was Vader's ship coming toward us. I looked for a place to hide and I saw a lazy-boy chair. I thought if the chair were opened, I could hide under the leg rest. I opened the chair and I climbed under the leg rest. My Dalmatian Picasso was also on board and I pulled him under with me; I hoped I could keep him quiet. I could just imagine Darth Vader coming on board and I could even imagine seeing his feet here from under the chair. I knew Vader had extrasensory powers and I was afraid he would detect me.


We hadn't been boarded -- instead, the ship had landed on earth. The ship now seemed like a big white stucco house. Now I wanted Vader to come and I was afraid he wasn't going to bother. The pilot had to leave and since I needed someone to take his place, I called an Hispanic friend of Carolina's. He quickly arrived. He was around 30 years old and was probably a television news reporter. He sat on a couch in the living room and I explained what I wanted him to do. He obviously knew who Darth Vader was because he himself was wearing a plastic Darth Vader mask, pulled up on top of his head. He seemed willing to stay and wait for Vader; but now I doubted Vader was going to come.

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