Dream of: 07 May 2005 "Going To Oaxaca"

I was in a large house in north Texas. I had only been here a short time and I didn't plan to stay long -- I planned to travel on. The man who owned the house and several other men staying here seemed to be successful outlaws. When my old friend Steve Buckner (probably in his mid 20s) showed up, I was happy and surprised to see him. He was also traveling and I thought he and I could travel together. I told him the best place for us to go was south Texas in the Big Bend area. I could just visualize the long stretches of unpopulated highway. I just desperately wanted to go somewhere isolated and get away from people. As I thought of going to south Texas, I thought about how close we would be to Mexico and how I would rather go to Mexico. My imagination carried me further south into Mexico and finally I blurted out to Bucker that we should go to Oaxaca. 

I had been to Oaxaca before and I knew this would be the best place for us. I told Buckner it was spring and we could go into the mountains around Oaxaca and find psilocybin mushrooms. The trip would be extraordinary. To my surprise Buckner agreed. He even agreed to drive his car. I would even be willing to pay for the gas. I had a nice big car with me, but I didn't want to drive it down to Mexico. Buckner said he would need to put new tires on his car. I told him he could do that right here because I had had the people in this house put new tires on my car, but he said he would rather have the tires put on at regular garage. That was fine with me. I just wanted to get underway.

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