Dream of: 06 May 2005 "Switching Truth"

I was ambling around downtown Portsmouth, Ohio south of Gallia Street in the block between Gay Street and Chillicothe Street. My mother, walking in the same area, passed me and walked off by herself.

I was astounded by the number of statues in this area. Along Gallia Street, two bigger-than-life statues stood atop pedestals high above the tallest buildings, perhaps five stories up. Each statue depicted a woman and a horse. The women were not riding the horses. Instead, the statues depicted the horses lying down and the women lying next to them. The statues were white, either of marble or sandstone, and surprisingly impressive.

I kept walking and saw on the ground several more equestrian statues all made of metal, men riding horses. One was flat as if cut out of a piece of flat metal. I touched it. It was not firm and almost fell over. Several other statues of men on horses were more substantial.

I walked back into a little enclave behind a building fronting Gallia Street. In the enclave I saw something which looked like a large round metal furnace about as tall as I. It was made of black metal and on its sides were some bas relief images which I examined. Next to it was a stairs which led up to the building. A nun dressed in white descended the stairs and I had to move out of her way so she could pass. A second nun dressed in white descended, picked up something lying next to the furnace and then walked on.

I scrutinized more closely the sides of the furnace until I spotted a most bizarre life-sized painting on the side. The painting showed two babies with some kind of attachment and wires going from one tiny head to the other. It looked as if surgery had been performed on the babies' heads and parts of their brains were exposed where the wires were attached. I recognized this painting as a depiction of a parable of Christ. I could not remember the exact meaning, but I knew the parable had something to do with "switching truth," how the "truth" could sometimes be switched or changed. I thought about how I agreed with some of Christ's parables and that I should learn the exact meaning of this particular one to determine whether I agreed with it. I was a little emotional after looking at the picture of the babies and I almost felt like shedding a tear.

A man walked up. It appeared that the nuns might have sent for him to talk with me. The man picked up on my emotion and began talking about how if I wanted, I could come there and talk to some Christians. He was friendly, but I was not interested and I walked back out of the enclave.

Outside was an open area covered with white gravel. My dog was waiting for me, a little white miniature furry dog. I realized I had not brought a leash with me and I wondered if there was a pet store over on Chillicothe street where I might buy a leash

Other dogs gathered around and began smelling the genital area of my dog (a female). My dog appeared aroused and her genital area seemed to be protruding excessively. I picked up my dog and held her in my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder as I carried her away.

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