Dream of: 30 April 2005 "Distant Horizon"

I was fixing up an old house, a five or six room cottage which used to belong to Mrs. Tindall (the mother of my old high school friend Tindall). The house was in terrible condition and in large part had already been torn apart. About a dozen people (including my sister) were working on the house with me. I was in charge of the project, but I was unsure the house was even worth saving.

Graham (Tindall's old girlfriend) showed up. She was probably in her mid 20s. She paced from room to room. I thought she must be shocked at the condition of the house because she had once spent so much time there when she had dated Tindall, but she didn't say anything. 

I was working on a piece of furniture (a large cabinet with a glass window) in one room. The cabinet looked like an antique, but I was unsure it was. As I worked on the cabinet, it fell apart. When the front glass came off, I saw that a piece of the glass was broken off. I examined the glass thoroughly to make sure it wasn't supposed to be broken in the first place. The glass was actually two pieces of glass, like a double pane. I finally decided the glass would have to be replaced. I would probably replace the glass with a single pane, but there again, I wasn't sure the cabinet was worth repairing.

I put the cabinet aside, walked through house, and encountered a bearded fellow (about 40 years old) who looked like Turin (a Dallas attorney whom I met in 1988). He was taking inventory of some items which had been found in the house. The items (including some old coins) were arranged on a table. He had a sophisticated little electric device which recorded the items. I took the device into my hand. Someone said the device cost 15 cents a minute to use. I thought that was terribly expensive and I laid it back down.

I walked into a side room and looked out the window. Another little cottage was about two meters away. I was looking straight into the back yard which was filled with junk, including an old rusty lawnmower. I could see past the back yard to the distant horizon. It was a good view, but I wondered if I should put up a fence to block out the neighbor's ugly back yard. Unfortunately a fence would also block off my view of the horizon. I would have to think about that later. 

I kept walking around. I had noticed the house seemed to slope downward. I took out a marble and laid it on the floor to test my theory. The marble rolled. I thought one corner of the house would need to be jacked up. That would be additional expense.

I walked into the front room and discovered that the wooden floor seemed to be eaten up in places. The floor was still there, but it had the consistency of cardboard. I peeled up a little piece and concluded it had been eaten by termites. This would be another major expense. I walked back into the middle room to tell my sister of my discovery. I was definitely having doubts about whether this whole project was going to be worth it, but I was in so deep now I would probably have to finish it. Making a profit on this house was clearly going to be difficult.

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