Dream of: 16 April 2005 "The Paranormal"

I was in the crowded office of a bankruptcy trustee. Busy people were passing to and fro, dutifully concentrated on their respective tasks. I hadn't been in an office like this in a long time, and I was thinking I might like to practice some bankruptcy law myself once again. I mingled with some of the personnel and most were helpful and seemed glad to see me again. Only one woman was a bit snotty.

I figured if I were going to practice bankruptcy again, I would need a list of all the people who were currently in bankruptcy. I had in my mind that many of those people currently didn't have an attorney, and if I had the list, I could offer my services. When I spoke to someone in the office of my plan, I was told that I could probably pick up about 20 clients that way.  That seemed like a low number to me, and I knew I would need many more clients than that. I would have to find some other way of obtaining clients.

When I finally decided to leave, a man walked up to me and began telling me about a problem he was having for which he needed an attorney. I became interested, and together we walked out of the building. He told me he had received a notice that his house was about to be foreclosed on. His house was directly across the street from the trustee's office and as soon as we had stepped outside I could see it: a splendid large white house, right in front of us.

As he guided me toward the house, I began to wonder if I might simply be able to buy the house from the man. I obliquely broached the subject of my buying the house, and he seemed receptive. However, he warned me, I should know that the house had suffered some fire damage and that the house was haunted.

I wasn't surprised to hear that the house was haunted, and the idea of buying a haunted house even made the deal more attractive, because I thought I might be able to get a better price. I already had some experience with haunted houses, and I knew I had certain powers which I could use to drive out the ghosts. My powers, however, were not well-defined, and even I didn't know how my powers functioned or how strong they were. At least, though, I knew that unlike most people, I was able to deal with ghosts at some level.

The man and I walked through the front door of the house. I was surprised by what I saw. The room before us was sunk down about three or four meters below where we were standing. A narrow ledge ran all the way around the room so we could walk around and look down. Sitting in the middle of the room below us was a gigantic wrought-iron bed, several times larger than normal. Numerous indistinct people were milling about in the room below, and at least one was on the bed.

Over to my right in the corner was a narrow stairs which led from the ledge to the room below. I headed to the stairs and descended.

Once on the floor below, I was drawn to a chest of drawers sitting by itself on the side of the room. Standing beside the chest, I could hear the screams of many children. The screams seemed to be originating in the drawers. I pulled open the bottom drawer and discovered a carving which filled the entire drawer. I had to look at it a moment before I realized it was a carving of an angel. I pulled open the second drawer and saw a similar carving. The carvings looked as if they might have once been on the outside of a building. Again, I wasn't particularly surprised by what I was seeing, and it seemed as if my discovery of the angels had caused the screaming to stop. I closed the drawers and stepped back.

The many people scattered in the room seemed to sense my powers and no one interfered with me. When some curtains began violently fluttering, I held out my hand and made them stop. No one said anything, but it seemed clear to me, and probably to the others, that I likewise could use my powers over them if I deemed it necessary to do so.

I could see that this house had been haunted for a long time. I would need to examine it thoroughly if I were going to buy it. I still hadn't seen the fire damage, and I thought perhaps the man had been mistaken and there was no fire damage, or perhaps the fire damage was upstairs. I would have to head up to the second story next.

As I prepared to head for the second story, a question came to my mind, "Does the paranormal exist?" It seemed that I was basing much of what I was doing on the assumption that the paranormal did indeed exist. Yet I was still uncertain of the answer to this fundamental question, or even of what I meant by the "paranormal."

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