Dream of: 15 April 2005 "Little Orphan Annie"

Carolina and I were in a public place where people were milling about. A man in a long trench coat (perhaps 50 years old) walked in and sat down at a table. He opened a hefty brief case, took out some things and started working on something. Someone walked up to the man and asked for his autograph. The person handed the man something to write on and I could tell the man thought the thing wasn't appropriate for an autograph, but he signed it anyway.

Suddenly I realized the man was the creator of the comic strip "Little Orphan Annie" and I also wanted his autograph. I also had a big briefcase filled with all kinds of things, among which were two items about Little Orphan Annie: one was an old 78 rpm record with a yellow label and the other was a magazine with Annie on the cover. I thought the man could sign the record on the label, or he could sign the magazine on the cover. I began foraging through my brief case for the record and magazine. Carolina helped me, but we looked and looked and couldn't find the two items.

The man was still sitting there, but I knew he could leave at any moment. I didn't want to simply get the autograph on a piece of paper, but I simply couldn't  find the record and magazine.

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