Dream of: 14 April 2005 "Carrie"

Carolina (who was about 30 years old and looked and acted like Louise) and I had been walking around a large department store. I moseyed off by myself and finally sat down in a big comfortable chair near the front of the store to wait for her. I might have even dozed off. Finally I stood back up and went to look for Carolina. When I found her, she had several bags of clothes which she was buying. I looked in one bag and saw lingerie, including a couple pair of colorful panties in the $40-$50 range. The thought crossed my mind that Carolina might have a lover and that she was buying the lingerie to wear for him.

I began complaining that her buying was getting out of hand. I said, "You're Carrie."

I was referring to the character Carrie Heffernan (played by the actress Leah Remini in the television series "King of Queens") and how Carrie had such a strong proclivity to buy clothes. I became more animated and I told her she had filled up the bedroom with so many clothes, no room was left for me. Carolina denied my accusations and especially denied that she was like Carrie.

I walked off in a huff, only to be surprised by someone grabbing me from behind. He put his arm around my chest and held me tight. He was a security officer, a black man (about 60 years old). Apparently he was detaining me because Carolina and I had been arguing. He told me to come with him. I didn't want to, but I complied. He led me into a little room, and I told him that  he had no right to do this, that Carolina and I had just been arguing. I told him I had committed no assault. I wondered, however, if I might have committed a verbal assault.

The guard left me in the room with three other black men who looked more like big pillows than people. I sat down for a moment, then stood and said I was leaving. The black men stood in my way, but they didn't try to stop me, and I pushed past them. I headed out the door and into the parking lot.

I was thinking maybe Carolina and I should separate. However there was a problem: at one point she and I had murdered someone. We had never been discovered, and so the secret of the murder kept us together. I didn't think we had left any evidence of the murder. However, a confused memory haunted me. I had a memory of being in a drug store, looking at some drug bottles on the shelves. Somehow I thought those bottles might be linked to the murder. I wondered if cameras had captured me there and if the videos could be used as evidence. Such monitoring devices would obviously be beneficial for law enforcement. 

In the parking lot I saw Carolina driving in erratic circles. The older black security officer who had first apprehended me had followed me out, and I pointed out to him how dangerously Carolina was driving, and how she had almost run into another car. He seemed to see what I was talking about. I thought perhaps he was beginning to see the situation from my point of view.

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