Dream of: 08 April 2005 "Going To Court"

I was in an office where I had once again begun working as a lawyer. The office was inside a large house in which my father (about 40 years old) was living. My father, along with many other people, were bustling about the office/house. I was working for myself, but I was also doing some work for another lawyer, who reminded me of Wheat

Today was my first day of work. I already had a couple very small cases of my own and I was supposed to go to court today on both. I still needed to get dressed, but I was having trouble finding clothes to wear. I couldn't find a shirt, pants, or anything. A rack of my father's shirts covered one whole wall. The shirts were fine, but I thought they would be too small for me, and I didn't want to wear my father's shirts anyway. Finally I found one of my shirts (white with black stripes) which I could wear. I continued looking until I found the remaining clothes I needed and I put them on.

The lawyer for whom I was doing some work walked in and asked me if I would go to court that morning on a case for him. I told him I would, even though I didn't know anything about the case. I looked through the case file and quickly discovered the case was set for a jury trial today. Since I didn't know the first thing about the case, I realized I had made a mistake by agreeing to go to court today. The more I read the file, the more I realized the case was extremely complicated. One paper in the file displayed a diagram of about 20 different cases which all involved the same subject matter as this case (I wasn't even sure of the subject matter); this case was only one of those 20. As I tried to assemble the facts of the case in my mind, I realized I simply couldn't do it. Finally I walked up to the other lawyer and said, "I'm not going to do this case."

Obviously upset, he tried to persuade me to reconsider, but I held my ground. This was a federal case and I told him I wasn't prepared to go to federal court and try this case.

He told me he had something else to do today which prevented his handling the case. I could see that he had put the case off to the last minute and that he was now trying to push it off on someone else. He angrily stormed off and started talking with other lawyers in a nearby small room. Apparently he was trying to persuade someone else to help him. 

A female secretary (about 40 years old) walked up to me and said I had done the right thing. She was upset with the lawyer anyway because he had done this before. Apparently he regularly put off work to the last minute, then tried to enlist someone else to help him. She said I would have been foolish to have gone to court on his case today.

I started to get ready to go to court on my two little cases, still thinking about the big case. I wouldn't have minded handling the big case, but I would have needed more time to prepare. 

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