Dream of: 07 April 2005 "Ghosts In The House"

As Carolina and I were getting ready to go to bed in the downstairs bedroom of the Gallia County Farmhouse, I mentioned to her that we didn't have a gun here and that we needed one badly. I reflected that Carolina had been staying part of the time here in the Farmhouse by herself, and she definitely should have a gun with her. It was dangerous out here without a gun. 

Just as we were about to go into the bedroom, I heard something, looked out through the windows and saw a car pulling up in the driveway. When I saw a sinister-looking man sitting in the front passenger seat, I told Carolina to get ready to run. 

The car drove right into the kitchen. I hadn't been aware that it was possible to drive a car into the House like that. Nevertheless, there it was, sitting parked in the kitchen. I walked up to the car and rudely addressed the people inside -- a man and a woman in the front seat and a child in the back. The woman in the car said she was Hilda's daughter. I was immediately relieved, because I knew the woman was referring to Hilda, the illegitimate daughter of my step-grandfather Clarence. So this woman was claiming to be Clarence's granddaughter. We started discussing Clarence, but when I mentioned his name, she said she wasn't talking about Clarence, but about "Steve." I told her we were talking about the same person, my step-grandfather Clarence, who most people had called "Steve" while he had been alive. 

She, the man, and the little boy climbed out of the car. She was perhaps 40 years old and the man was around 45. She had black hair and was not attractive. Once out of the car, she said something about "Izzy." I looked outside through the window and realized she was talking about a boy whom I could see out there. She told me to call "Izzy." I went to the door and called for him. When he came in, I saw that he was about 15 years old and obviously very retarded. 

As we all walked into the living room, I noticed that it had been raining outside and that water was leaking into the Farmhouse from the ceiling of the huge outside porch area which my father had added to the House. Some of my possessions were getting wet on the porch and I just hoped nothing would be completely ruined. Water was also seeping into the rest of the House, into the kitchen and into the living room. 

When we all sat down in the living room (sparsely furnished and rather bleak), I also noticed the water was even falling in here from a seam right in the middle of the ceiling of the room. I told the others I had never seen a leak here in the House like that. I said my father was putting on a new roof and that was probably causing the leak. 

As I had been looking at the ceiling, the woman had stood up and had headed up the stairs to the second story. I immediately stood up and followed her. The man and the little boy also headed up the stairs. 

Upstairs, the woman went straight to the upstairs corner bedroom. I also stepped into the room, which looked much different than the last time I had seen it. She went straight to the big bed in the middle of the room. The bed was made-up as if someone were going to sleep in it. She began examining the bed as if it were something she might want to have, but she complained that something was wrong with it. 

She then stepped back into the hall and headed toward the upstairs middle bedroom and I once again followed her. This room was piled full of white plastic bags filled with things. I had been unaware that all these bags were in this room, and I told her my father must have done this. One bag that had spilled open on the floor was filled with round cloth Christmas ornaments. 

She picked up some clothes which seemed to interest her, and finally she picked up something which looked like a dark-brown mink stole or coat. She had taken off her shirt so one of her breasts was partially visible, but she held her arms in front of it. I was interested in seeing it, and at one point I had a glimpse of her nipple. She walked past me back toward the first bedroom, and I was unsure, but I thought I felt her breast touch my arm as she passed. When I followed her back to the front corner bedroom, for a moment I had a clear view of her breast. It was awful. It was huge and looked as if it had a cancerous lump in it. 

My attention, however, was drawn to the room itself. The bed and the bedding in the room were completely different from what they had been just minutes before. Everything in the room was different. I immediately knew that something had been in the room and rearranged all the furniture. I blurted, "This room has been changed. There are ghosts in this house!"

I told the woman we should return to the middle bedroom to see if it had also been changed. We stepped back into the hall and headed back toward the middle bedroom. I was now sure that ghosts were in the House. I only hoped they weren't angry with me. I thought the ghosts might have something to do with my step-grandfather Clarence and my grandmother Mabel, who had lived together here in the Farmhouse for so many years. I hoped the ghosts realized I had gotten along well with my grandparents and therefore the ghosts had no reason to bother me.

As we headed down the hall, I could see ahead of me something lying and moving on the floor of the middle bedroom. When we reached the room, we saw that the little boy who had come with them was lying and shaking on the floor, as if he were having an epileptic fit. I thought maybe a ghost had possessed him. Everything in this room had also been changed that quickly -- all the white bags were gone and furniture was now in the room. 

The woman remained in the room as I backed out into the hall. Suddenly, however, something seemed to possess me, some kind of spirit, and I started snorting and grunting and making gestures at the woman as if I were going to attack her. I knew I wouldn't really attack her, that I was just trying to scare her, but I had no real control of what I was doing. Something had definitely possessed me and taken over my movements. 

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