Dream of: 05 April 2005 "In Dire Need"

I was living on a large estate in the country. It seemed that a man who was my father (my actual father) might have owned the estate at one time, but now the land belonged to me. I had become aware that some animals (probably cats) were living in an old abandoned house on the outskirts of my land, and I decided to check them out. 

I reached the house, which was overgrown with vines and surrounded by weeds and briars. It looked completely deserted and from outside showed no signs of life. Nearby, completely engulfed in brush and briars, sat an old abandoned  car. Unexpectedly I noticed some movement near the car and out from the brush emerged a little boy, probably not more than two years old. His swarthy skin immediately told me he was Hispanic, and just as fast, I deduced that people, not animals, had taken up residence in this old house.

I began hacking away the brush to get to the car. I had the feeling that the people might be living in the car instead of the house, and as I proceeded toward the car, more children began appearing. By the time I had reached the car, five little children and their mother had turned up.

They were all a pitiful sight. They were obviously illegal immigrants who had fled here from Mexico. They were half-clothed in little more than rags and clearly had little to eat. 

I had to make a decision: whether to evict them or allow them to stay. The decision wasn't hard -- I couldn't throw these poor people out. I wasn't generally inclined to help people like this, but these people were so pitiful and in such dire need. I might even fix up the house a bit and bring them some food. 

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