Dream of: 04 April 2005 "Trance"

It was early morning, still dark outside, as I drove the streets of a city in one of the southeastern states of the United States. Carolina was sitting with me in the front seat. We were traveling and were trying to get an early start on the day. As I turned a corner, I misjudged and scrapped the rear side of the car against a parked car. I clearly heard the metal scrape against metal, but I didn't stop. I kept going, steering back out into the road to avoid hitting any other parked cars. I didn't see any other traffic and I figured probably no one had seen me. I just kept going -- I didn't need a big hassle with the police and the insurance company at the moment. 


We were still in the same town, but now Carolina was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. She had the same problem I had had: she scrapped against a parked car, and then just kept going. We were in my white 1999 Ford Escort, the car my mother had given me, and I reflected how upset my mother would be to see that the car had been damaged. At least Carolina had scrapped the same side panel that I had, so the damage was in the same spot. I would just have to get it fixed. 

Carolina pulled onto the highway and picked up speed. As we headed around a curve on a high overpass, I told her she was going too fast, but she didn't slow down. The road grew narrower and narrower until it seemed almost like a bobsled track, and we were whizzing along it. I had an aerial view of our little car traveling below, and from my vantage point I could see a sharp bend ahead in the overpass. I watched in shock as the car plowed right through the guard rail and off the road.

I seemed to be hanging in space right where the car was. The road was high in the air, probably five or six stories above the ground far below. I would obviously be killed in this crash. I reflected that this was one of those situations in life where nothing could be done, that I just had to accept the inevitable. 


I was sitting on the ground, looking straight ahead of me. Carolina was sitting to my left. We were alive! In front of me I could see what had happened: a net had broken the fall of our car. The net had been several meters from the ground and had been strong enough to catch the car. Obviously the net had been installed below that particular section of the overpass because the road was so dangerous there. The corner of the net had broken and allowed the car to fall to the ground. The car was demolished, a total wreck. Carolina and I however were alive.

Doctors and nurses scurried around us. Apparently we had landed right next to a hospital, and although I could see the car and the net, we actually seemed to be inside the hospital.

A doctor was examining me. I seemed to be in a trance. I was aware of everything that was going on around me, but I wasn't responding to anything. I just looked straight ahead. 

A girl (about 15 years old) stepped out of a room over to my right. She was wearing pants, but no top, so her breasts were uncovered. She had left the door to the room open, and I could see many more females inside, ranging in age from perhaps 15-20 years old. Most were naked. I could clearly see their pubic hair and breasts. I wasn't aroused, just curious. They seemed unconcerned that someone might be able to see. Finally, I realized that they must all be retarded or mentally ill, and that they lived in this section of the hospital.

The doctor kept working on me, trying to wake me up. I continued to stare straight ahead until, abruptly, I snapped out of my trance and stood up. I was immediately concerned about how much all this was going to cost. Obviously the car was a total wreck, but now I wondered how much the hospital was going to charge me. I made my way over to the front counter, with the doctor tagging along beside me. I asked the amount I owed and was told that it was $15,006. That seemed high, but I said it was a small amount to pay for saving my life.

The doctor began rambling on about payment options, how I could pay the entire bill now or put it on a payment plan at 5% interest. He said I could make a down payment now. I didn't quite understand him at first and asked him to repeat what he had said. Already I was thinking that I wasn't going to pay this bill. I thought I might make a down payment on my credit card, just to get out of here, but I wouldn't pay the rest of it. I had only been here for probably less than an hour and I didn't see how I could owe that much money. 

When the doctor saw that I was hesitating, he pulled out a one dollar bill and said he would make the first payment for me, and that by his paying the one dollar I would receive a $30 credit on my bill. That sounded fine to me, just as long as I could leave. 

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