Dream of: 02 April 2005 "Admitting Wrong"

My mother, my grandmother Leacy, Carolina, and two other female relatives were visiting me in the Summerdale Drive House. Everyone was busily helping clean up the House so we could go out to dinner at 4 o'clock. We were all working hard. I went out into the back yard for a while and picked up some junk out there. Close to 4 o'clock, I changed my clothes and put on some dressy beige pants and a button-down shirt. I noticed how thin I was. Right at 4 o'clock I looked around, and discovered that everyone else had disappeared. I didn't know what had happened to everyone. I waited and waited until 4:30.

Finally I decided to go look for the others. I walked outside and boarded my car. I drove for about 10 blocks through a tree-lined residential street. Suddenly I saw all the others walking together in a little group. My mother looked about 40 years old and my grandmother looked around 50. The others were in their early 20s. I pulled up and asked them what they were doing, but no one seemed to have an explanation. I started to become angry and I told them that we were supposed to all go out to dinner together and that I had been waiting. They acted as if nothing were wrong, as if they had simply decided to go for a walk without telling me. I became angry and drove off.

After I had gone about a block, I could still see them in the rear-view mirror. Both my mother and my grandmother seemed old, and unable to walk well. I decided I would go back, pick them all up, and just drop them off back at the House.

When I turned around and went back to them, they were now angry at me because I had left them there. Nevertheless, Carolina and the two younger ones climbed into the car, but my mother and my grandmother refused to get in. But finally they climbed in. The car was tiny, however, with bucket seats and only had room for two people in the back. So one person had to sit on someone's lap in the back, as well as in the front.

When everyone was in the car, I began driving. I was still angry. I couldn't understand how they could think they had done nothing wrong. So I began explaining again that we had agreed to leave at 4 o'clock, and that they had simply gone off walking. I told them they would have needed yet another half hour to walk back to the House from where they were. So the earliest they would have returned to the House would have been 5 o'clock and I would have been sitting there waiting all that time not knowing where they were.

Still, no one seemed to think they had done anything wrong. This made me even angrier. I told them that if they would simply go and ask someone else, and give the person all the facts, they would be told they were in the wrong. I told them to admit they were wrong, but no one would. Angry, I decided to just take them home and dump them off. I definitely wasn't going to go out with them now.

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