Dream of: 31 March 2005 "Death Valley"

I was with a group of military people. We had seen a picture in a newspaper of a cat which had been killed by a rattlesnake. The picture showed how the cat's ears had been eaten off by the snake. We were told of an area named "Death Valley" where many of these rattlesnakes lived. We decided to go to Death Valley and see for ourselves. 

We left and first had to enter a big underground tunnel. The tunnel was lit inside and we found a path which we followed. We walked for quite awhile until we met another military man. He told us to keep going. We asked how much further to Death Valley and he said three more miles. 

We continued on. Apparently the rest of the tunnel was a training range for military personnel, and we anticipated we would be attacked along the way as part of a training exercise. As we continued walking, the terrain became more difficult, more desert-like. We were all barefoot and could feel the pebbly soil beneath our feet. Nevertheless, we trudged on, determined to find Death Valley. 

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