Dream of: 30 March 2005 (2) "Russian Novelists"

I was at a class reunion taking place in a fancy hotel. The reunion was going to last for three days and two nights. Apparently, when I had been in high school, my class had been divided into six different classes, and this reunion was divided up the same way, so the different sections met at different times. We were now at the last day, and only now was my section going to meet, with only three hours left in the reunion. I wasn't very satisfied with the arrangement. 

Instead of joining my section, I walked over to one of the other six sections, entered a room like a classroom (only with no walls), and sat down. Three or four people (who had apparently been teachers) were sitting at a desk in front. I liked this class much better than my class, especially since so many attractive women (probably in their mid 30s) were in this class. As the teachers were talking in the front, I reflected that I really didn't know anybody there, but that I would like to meet someone. 

Two or three women sitting near me were very attractive. When the class finally ended and people began leaving and walking down a long carpeted hallway, I thought perhaps I could simply approach one of the women and strike up a conversation. As I also began walking along the hall, I especially took notice of one woman in particular, an attractive blonde. I would certainly like to talk with her. 

A fellow (probably in his late 30s) began walking along beside me. When he spoke my name, I thought he must be one of my old classmates, although I didn't recognize him. He said his name was "Eric."

I seemed to vaguely remember him and I replied, "Oh, Eric."

We exchanged a few more words, then he walked over to some of the others and began talking with them. I thought to myself that I probably should have made more effort to talk with him, and that I should make some effort to meet other people there. My thoughts went further, and I reflected how it would be nice if I belonged to some kind of community where I knew more people, so we could meet sometimes and even be able to assist each other in case of emergencies. 

I also reflected that no one there had mentioned my dreams. Since I knew I had dreamed about my old classmates and had published those dreams on the Internet, I wondered if any of these people realized that. 

I noticed one woman standing over to the side talking with someone. She appeared ready to leave. On impulse, I took a chance, walked over to her, and blurted out,  "Your class definitely had the best-looking women."

She was tall and thin and had dark hair. She had looked more attractive from across the room than she did up close. Her face at first seemed a bit strange, but when she started talking, she once again looked attractive. She had a bright friendly smile, and she seemed happy that I had approached her. 

As we walked along together, she said something about another woman there at the reunion, and she also mentioned Dostoievsky. My interest was piqued, but I hadn't understood exactly what she had said, and I responded, "I'm not following you."

However, I wanted to make sure she knew that I knew who Dostoievsky was, so I said something about reading "certain Russian novelists." I thought I was being witty, and I envisioned myself as sounding and gesticulating a bit like Woody Allen. She picked up on my response and apparently she liked it, because we began holding hands. I was very happy -- I already liked her, and she seemed to like me. She said, "Let's go somewhere."

I replied, "Well, we could ride that thing."

I was referring to something outside the hotel which looked like a futuristic train on a monorail. It circled the whole hotel complex and grounds and took about 15 minutes to ride. She seemed to think that would be a good idea.

I was also thinking we could simply rent another room for ourselves there in the hotel. Several other people were staying in the room in which I had been staying, so we couldn't go there. 

I thought she was probably married and I knew I was married to Carolina, but I thought we were so far away from everyone, nobody would ever know what happened there. 

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