Dream of: 27 March 2005 "The Flintstones"

As I was sitting in my room on the second floor of the house where I was living, watching the stock market on my computer, buying and selling stocks, I looked out the window and saw that the next-door neighbor was having a yard sale in the backyard of their neat two-story white house. I thought about going down, but I figured it was already late in the day and probably not worth while. 


I was at the yard sale. As I walked around through the goods, I was surprised to see a stack of empty (collapsed) cereal boxes. There must have been 100 of them. I picked them up and flipped through them. All had pictures of cartoon characters on front, such as "Snoopy" and "The Flintstones" as well as many others. Many were duplicates. One Cheerios box had about seven or eight copies of the same one. I was surprised that someone else kept old cereal boxes the way I did.  I already had all but a few of these. I decided to buy them if they were cheap enough, but I wouldn't pay much for them. I gathered  them together.

Then I noticed a computer screen in the back yard with the stock market on it. The screen seemed to have the same symbols that were on my screen in my house. The numbers were going wild. Certain stocks were falling like crazy. One stock with ticker symbol "SD" was selling in the billions (I noticed a little "b" behind the numbers of sales as they flashed and I concluded they were in the billions). Obviously somebody was dumping the stock.


I was back in my room in front of the computer screen. I was going to buy the falling stocks now and ask questions later. The prices was ridiculously cheap. I was hoping to buy before the stocks bounced back up, but I was having trouble getting the numbers on the screen. The "SD" stock now seemed to be "D." It was down to just pennies a share. I put in an order to buy 1,000 shares at nine cents a share. That was only $90. I didn't think I had ever bought a stock so cheaply. 

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