Dream of: 20 March 2005 "Atari Robots"

I was in some kind of homeless shelter, in a very clean room, lying on a mattress on the floor. Other people came in and began sitting on the mattress (which was very large and seemed to cover half the room). Perhaps 20 people sat down -- a woman was on my right and another on my left; they were sitting while I was lying on my stomach. Other people continued showing up. Through a glass door I could see out into the hallway. One fellow (probably in his early 20s) looked like Martin (a schoolmate from high school); I didn't particularly want to see him.

After everyone had sat down (I was the only one lying down), a class began. The class was part of the routine of staying here. First a man and then a woman was teaching. I took notes on a little notepad, then I opened a book which I thought had to do with the lesson. The book was a merchandise catalog  (20 - 30 years old). I flipped through it and saw pictures of parts for robots. Diagrams of different robots showed how all the parts of the robots fit together. 

As I flipped through the book, the teacher (a portly woman about 50 years old) came over to me with a question. As a response, I told her about the pictures of robots I had seen in the book. She was immediately interested and asked me to show her the pictures. The book was arranged in alphabetical order and I thought the pictures of the robots were under the "Atari" section, but when I flipped through the book again, I couldn't find the pictures. I did find some robot pictures in another section, but those pictures weren't as graceful as the ones I had first seen: these robots were more clunky. Nevertheless these diagrams were also arranged the same way -- showing all the parts to the robots. I told the teacher that these robots had been a fad at the time the catalog had been published, but the robots had later all been abandoned. 

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