Dream of: 19 March 2005 "One Hundred Million Dollars"

My father (about 40 years old) and I were sitting down talking with each other. I became irritated as he was talking about his finances. He said he now had 100 million dollars. I was astounded that he had saved so much and I couldn't figure out where he had accumulated so much money. What angered me, however, was that he had never shared any of his wealth with me. When I confronted him with that fact, he seemed surprised. I pulled out my key chain and showed him the pocket knife hanging on the chain. I said the only thing he had ever given me was that little pocket knife and an old broken watch that had belonged to his father (I couldn't remember his father Cole's name). I told him to think back over the years, and he would realize that he had never given me any gifts. The only other thing I could remember was an old car he had once given me after he had worn it out. 

He seemed surprised, as if he had never realized that he hadn't given me anything. I wondered if he might now decide to change that. If he had 100 million, if he only gave me a million it would still be a small amount for him, but would be an enormous amount for me. He didn't seem inclined to do that however. He was only concerned with talking about how much money he had, not with giving any of it to me.

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