Dream of: 17 March 2005 "Goat In My Lap"

I was in an auditorium (like a converted basketball court) watching a movie. Perhaps 100 people were in the room, sitting in fold-up chairs. I was down in the front. Even though a movie was playing, the room was lit-up, not dark, so I was able to look around and clearly see the other people. Gradually I realized the other people in the room were gay, and that this was a gay movie. Mostly men, but also a few women were in the room. I looked at the men more closely. I couldn't tell by looking at them that they were gay (they looked straight), but I knew they were all gay. I was unsure whether the women were lesbians or just friends of the men.

The movie ended and people filed out. I also walked out, still looking and wondering if I knew anyone. I hoped no one I knew saw me there and concluded I was gay. I would have to explain that I had never gone to a gay movie before and I had only gone to this one because I was out of town and hadn't seen anything else to do. As we exited into a mall-like area, I realized I was in New Orleans. Hundreds of people were in the mall. I thought I would like to meet a woman there, but I didn't know how. I looked at the women I was passing, wondering if I should just go up to one. When a woman finally looked at me, I could tell she was interested, but I didn't like her looks. She was probably about 30 years old with black hair. She had a pretty face, but was a bit overweight. I walked on.

I decided if I were going to meet a woman, I would have to pick out one and follow her around. I would have to find a woman who was alone. I began looking and worked my way outside. Finally I sat down on the curb of a street, still watching.

A fellow (probably in his mid 20s) walked up and sat next to me on my left. He was dark-skinned and wearing a turban. We talked and I asked him where he was from and he said Pakistan. I held out my hand and told him my name. We shook hands and he told me his.

We stood up and began walking. I asked him where Pakistan was. I was just being evasive -- I knew very well where Pakistan was and I even knew quite a bit about Pakistan, but I wasn't quite ready to let him know that. As we continued walking, however, I became more trusting and finally I told him I knew a lot about Moslems. I thought I should have probably said that I knew a lot about Islam, because that was what I had meant. I thought maybe we could even discuss some of the finer points of Islam and I began thinking about a passage of the Koran which I had recently read which had intrigued me.

By now we were outside of the town and were crossing a field. As I was talking, I looked around and realized my companion had disappeared. I called out several times but no one answered. Finally I turned around and headed back toward the town, but I took one last look, saw a black car in the field, and realized the fellow was sitting in the car. I walked toward the car and since the fellow was sitting in the front seat, I climbed into the front beside him. The fellow was in the middle and another man was driving. Two other men were in the back seat. They were all dressed the same (with their turbans) and they all had dark skin. Apparently they were all Pakistanis.

Only after the car had taken off and we were driving down the road did I begin to realize the folly of my move. I didn't know these men and now I was in a car with them. I turned to my companion and asked "Are you kidnapping me?"

He said no, but from the looks on everyone's faces I knew I was being kidnapped. This was not a new experience to me. I had been kidnapped twice before in Afghanistan, so I had an idea of what I was facing. I knew if I wanted to escape, right now was the best time before I was locked up somewhere.

We were still inside the town, and I contemplated jumping out of the moving car. It would be dangerous, but I was confident I could survive. I had one problem however: on my lap I was carrying a small white goat, a kid. I was afraid I might injure the goat. Nevertheless, I felt compelled and in a flash I flung open the door and jumped out.

I was surprised. I landed completely unhurt and still holding the kid. I stood up and watched the car continue down the road. It looked as if they were just going to let me go and not try to come back and catch me. I began looking around me for places to hide anyway.

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