Dream of: 16 March 2005 "The Bully"

I had temporarily moved into the 29th Street House with my mother. After living there a few days, I was surprised to see my father (about 50 years old) show up. He spent the night and slept with my mother in the front bedroom.

The next morning I was in the living room and he walked in. He was unfriendly and didn't speak. He just walked from room to room as if he owned the place. I tried to avoid him, but he approached me and began complaining about the way I had cut the grass the day before. I thought to myself that his complaining was so typical. He himself had done nothing around there to help out, yet he was complaining about work I had done. At least I had done something.

I turned to him and asked him if my step-mother knew that he had spent the night there with my mother. He looked surprised. He hadn't expected me to counter him in any way. I knew he had a long history of being unfaithful with whatever woman he happened to be. Obviously he was now being unfaithful to my step-mother. I wondered how he would react if I told my step-mother.

I turned and walked up the stairs to the second floor. I had barely reached the top when I heard my father rushing up the stairs after me. He was furious. Obviously he was going to attack me. As he stormed toward me I blurted out that he was nothing but a "bully." I told him he had always been a bully and he always would be a bully.

My mother and my sister had followed him up the stairs. My mother looked haggard. I told him to look at her and what he had done to her. He had used her up over the years. I told him he had "sucked the life out of her."

I then gestured to my sister. I said she knew what I was saying was true, but she wouldn't say anything because she didn't want "to lose her inheritance." She remained quiet.

My father doubled up his fists as if he were going to hit me. I prepared to defend myself and I doubled mine. I slowly moved my right fist toward his face and lightly touched his face with my fist. He fell over on his side, but immediately stood back up. He seemed uncertain now what to do. Clearly he had thought he could bully me without my defending myself; but now that he saw I might fight back, he was having second thoughts.

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