Dream of: 05 March 2005 "Microdots"

I was on Franklin Avenue in Portsmouth, Ohio, standing outside the house where my old girlfriend Sussie lived (in the 1960s and 1970s). Near me were six absolutely beautiful women (all in their 20s), four in a car and two standing outside the car. I wasn't going to say anything but then I said something about their being beautiful so they could hear. They seemed to take my comment as a matter of curse. I asked if they were waiting for Sussie or for Sussie's brother, Charlie. They said they were waiting for Charlie. I also was waiting for Charlie. I thought they were probably waiting for same reason as I -- to buy drugs -- because Charlie was a dealer.

Charlie showed up and he and I walked into the house.  A beautiful woman (in her early 20s) was inside. She had black hair and looked somewhat oriental. Her braless breasts were large and perfect in a white sweater top. When she stood up, her breasts juggled. When I walked over to her and put my hand on her breast, she didn't' resist.

Since I was more interested in the drugs than the woman, I followed Charlie (who seemed distracted) upstairs, where I discovered a trail of LSD "microdots" which Charlie had dropped. Charlie went back downstairs, while I started picking up the little tiny pills, which reminded me of sushi, white with a little dot in middle. I picked up three or four, excited by the prospect of taking the LSD.

I also saw a bunch of earrings, some earring studs and a few coins on the floor. I thought they must have belonged to Sussie.

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